Delivery - How We Do It

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All Sheds, Horse Barns, Gazebos and other quality structures built by Wood-Tex Products are delivered fully assembled ready for turn-key use the moment we leave. By delivering our quality products to you fully assembled we are saving you days, weeks, even months of putting up with construction and carpentry crews working in your backyard. These crews can't help but work around inclement weather and their other job deadlines so your important project may get delayed, inhibiting you from using your own backyard or property for what it does best, providing you with a relaxing, fun and beautiful environment to do your own work and enjoy your peaceful, sacred privacy at the end of a busy day.

So now that you have compared the value, benefits, warranty, price, options and numerous other benefits that come with purchasing a quality, ready-to-use Wood-Tex Product you are ready to make plans to have your site prepared and ensure we have enough room for delivery. You are ready to turn the key.


Most deliveries are done with Mid Size Trucks and 40' trailer. No two deliveries are the same and the drivers will always take a look at your site and decide on the best way to access it.

bulletWe normally will back onto your carefully prepared site, push the shed or barn off the back of the trailer with our winch until it is overhanging a couple feet then tilt the trailer up, setting the back of the barn onto your pad.

bulletWith our trailer still tilted up we will then pull out from underneath the barn, setting it on the exact location you have planned. We have a sideshift on the back of our trailer so the front of the barn can be moved left or right several feet as we're pulling out from underneath, allowing us to place your barn 'on the dime.'

bulletWe will need 50-60 feet of opening to pull our delivery truck and trailer out from underneath your new structure.

bulletThe driver will then be sure the barn is situated properly on your pad, making sure all doors and windows work properly and are not binding due to an unlevel site. If you are unsure of the levelness of your pad you may want to have shims available to place under the corners of the shed, our driver's carry jacks and they will assist you with this.


Buildings that are 14' long or shorter can be delivered directly off the 10' roll-back bed of the truck, allowing more manueverablity and less pull away space without the trailer. This can work great in small backyards or tight areas where space is limited.

Horse Barns 40' to 48' long require delivery with our semi and 48' trailer so quite a bit more room is required for these size barns.


The amount of width we need to back into a site really depends on the layout of the property and site. If we have a straight area to back into, for example, directly off the back of your driveway, we can back a shed in with less than a foot of clearance on each side. If access to your site requires backing around fences, trees, flowers etc. we will need more room to make the turns.


In general we need 14' of height to be able to get your quality barn into your site with it on the truck or trailer.


All sheds and barns are unloaded from the REAR of the trailer so we will want to know the best way to load the shed on our trailer here at Wood-Tex. Sheds are always loaded length-wise on the trailer, for example a 10x14 shed would be loaded 10' wide and 14' long the trailer. If your shed has doors on the 10' end we can either load the doors facing towards the front of the trailer or straight out the back, if your shed has doors on the 14' side of the building we can load the doors facing out the driver's side of the trailer or the passenger's side. Having the shed loaded properly is crucial for easy delivery.


We would like to introduce you to the newest addition to our professional delivery team-the MULE! New for 2007 the Mule is more friendly and helpful than it may sound and we promise that it won't kick! The Mule is a shed forklift that helps us get your barn in even tighter spots with less damage done to your yard, especially during periods of rain or bad weather. Here's how it works:

bulletWe unload your shed on the street or in your driveway.
bulletWe drive the Mule out of your shed and pick up one end of your shed or barn.
bulletWe place the two dolly flotation tires under that end of the shed and lower the barn onto the tires.
bulletWe then drive the Mule around to the other end of your shed and pick it up. We are now ready to place your shed in your backyard at the exact location you have prepared without even driving our truck/trailer onto your yard!
The Mule is a very handy tool that weighs in at about 1,000 lbs. This is half the weight of most sheds so it is a very useful and effective tool in limiting yard damage caused from weight when your yard is wet.

The mule can only move buildings up to 30' long.

Delivering a Gazebo with the Mule

Have you read all you can and are still in doubt about delivery, not sure if we really can get your new barn into your site fully assembled? Call us! If you email pictures of your site, the approach and any tight turns to our knowledgeable staff will take a look at them and let you know what can be done.

If your site is not accessible for delivering fully assembled, we can build on site at a marginal cost.



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