We sell true Amish built Gazebos that must be seen to appreciate the quality workmanship and grade of materials used.
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Photos directly below are some of the gazebos that we have sold: 

10x16 Oblong vinyl unit with swing & benches
10x16 Oblong with double roof, sealer & screen package options 10x16 Oblong vinyl unit with double roof, benches & 5' octagonal table
NOTE: See all the designs & styles that we offer toward the bottom of this page.

10'  Octagon with paint & cupola options

12' Octagon with Cupola, Benches & Sealer options
12x18 Vinyl Oblong Gazebo being moved into place
7x9 Teahouse with standard double roof, sealer, swing & shelves
10x12 Oblong with sealer and copper penny metal roof
10x16 Vinyl Oblong Gazebo with Dbl. Roof
Swing support & spring in vinyl gazebo Close up view of Swing with clear Sealer
   call: 803-417-7516 or email - [Quote Request Form]  for information & pricing & delivery cost.

All or some of the Gazebos at our Design / Sales center at this time shown above:

All of the models shown below may be customized with buyer choosing roof material, rail styles & paint or sealant:

(click on  pictures below to enlarge)
Wooden Gazebos:
7x 9 Teahouse with Swing 8 x 8 Octagon, Cedar Roof, Cupola 
& Benches
8 x 8 Octagon. Shingles, Painted
& Cupola
10x10 Octagon, Metal roof & Spindles 10x10 Octagon, Metal roof, Benches, Sealed 12x12 Octagon, Dbl. Cedar Roof
& Sealed
10 x 14 Pavilion Style with green
metal roof
14x14 Octagon, metal roof, benches
& sealed
10x16 Painted wood, Dbl metal
roof & bench
Vinyl Gazebos:
10 x 16 Dbl. roof, estate grey shingles 10 x 10 metal roof, cupola & benches 10 x 10 metal roof & benches

10 x 16 Onyx black shingles


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