Rent to Own option is only offered for all Storage Sheds & Shed Cabins



Rent To Own is a simple, affordable 36 month program designed to allow you to realize your dreams now and pay as you go!

ON SALE NOW!: For a limited time only, we will not be collecting a security deposit on any new rent to own orders!

*Rent to Own is not available on doublewide structures, 2 story structures, or cabins. This sale is not applicable to out of state orders that are outside our 100 mile free delivery range.
Here's How it Works: After we help you design the building that is perfect for you and has all the options you need you are ready to place your order. At the time you place your order you may pay the deposit (the initial payment). The initial payment consists of two months rent plus a security deposit. This may be given to us in person via check or cash, or you may also mail us a check, call us with your credit card info or even pay online! Then after your new building is delivered you simply make monthly payments untilcompletion, keeping in mind 4 months have already been paid!

The Beauty of the Deal:
There are a number of advantages to Rent To Own.

A. Save Big $$! That's right, most mini storage units cost more every month than having this nice new structure right in your backyard! Sound crazy? You bet, but it's the truth. On top of the simple price advantage there's two other things to consider: Mini Storages are often just that, very Mini. Also in some cases, you have to drive across town or further to access your things. Things that would be so much more fun to use if they were being stored right in your own backyard!

B. No Credit Needed! We do not perform credit checks so if you've encountered some road bumps and don't have the best credit that is no problem. We simply need the initial payment to get started.

C. Will Never Damage Your Credit. Should life throw you a curve or you simply don't need the build ing simply call us, we will return the building at no further cost or obligation. Compare this to financing with a bank where you are forced to continue payments or experience foreclosure.

D. You Can Choose To Pay Off Early! You have flexibility, if you wish to take all 36 months to complete your payments that is fine or if you are able to stack up some cash and wish to make multiple payments or simply pay the entire sum off early that is great too. There is a discount for completing your payments early.

Getting Started: Call us! We will help you navigate our website showing you the different options and features that are available to you. Also we would be glad to mail a brochure to you that you could browse through as well. So simply pick up the phone and call us or send us an email to get started realizing your dreams today!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Is Required to Get Started?
This depends on the size and style of the building you are interested in. Four months rent plus the security deposit is required to start.

What Is The Interest Rate?
There is no interest rate so to speak. This is simply a monthly rental payment that when completed allows you to own the building you've been renting!

Will I Pay More After 36 Months Than The Cash Price?
Yes, you will wind up paying more than the cash price of the structure. However, it does spread your payments over a period of time which can be very helpful in some cases and also there is a discount for paying off the building early.

How Much Do I Save By Completing My Payments Early?
You may complete your payments at any time during the rental period. Any time you choose to do so you will simply pay 60% of what is currently owed. So for example if you've been renting the building for several months and by adding up all remaining payments you currently owe $1,000, you simply pay $600 (60% of $1,000) and the building is yours to keep!

How Do I Make My Payments?
You may make your monthly payments by mailing a check, calling us with your credit card info, or paying online. We also offer recurring payments so you don't need to worry about missing a payment!

Do I Get My Security Deposit Back?
Yes. If you complete all 36 months payments or pay it off early, you get all of your security deposit back.

The reasonable initial deposit, affordable monthly payments and the option to pay off early at a discount combined with the ease of entry and exit make this program a great choice for many folks!



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